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ALFA is a "solution provider" that uses its engineering knowledge and industrial experiences to help our clients optimize performance, increase production, improve heating quality, increase efficiency (Best Practices), lower emissions, and heighten safety awareness.

ALFA offers advanced engineering services that incorporate finite element mathematical heat transfer and computational fluid dynamic modeling; furnace design and engineering; combustion engineering; instrumentation, automation and control; calibration and tuning; burner performance and design engineering; consulting; feasibility studies, due diligence; expert witnessing; diagnostics, analysis and study; operator and maintenance training; and reheating / heat treating process optimization. We are a global supplier of technical services.

ALFA & its associates are engineers and degreed professionals each possessing a minimum of 25 years or more of steel mill furnace expertise. Our backgrounds encompass the total scope of the reheating and heat treating furnace business; and we know mills. We have worked in senior positions for several different steel companies, furnace builders, burner and combustion / control manufacturing companies, software development companies, and industrial training and consulting engineering companies.

ALFA considers safety our first priority. Engineers on our team are fluent in NFPA regulations associated with furnaces and all safety related issues pertinent to ancillary support equipment and its operation.

We know how important it is to protect our environment and we are very knowledgeable in methods to control and comply with the most stringent standards. ALFA works closely with leading burner manufacturers, and is experienced in the engineering and design of ultra low NOx and ultra high efficient technologies. We possess the insight and abilities to analyze your furnaces and determine the most cost-effective proven methods to optimize performance.

ALFA provides both formal classroom and hands-on operator and maintenance training. Our training modules can be customized to be as basic or as detailed as necessary.

ALFA knows hot rolling mills (strip, plate, bar, structural, merchant, seamless and ERW), forging, heat treat (austenitizing, quenching and tempering), continuous and batch annealing, and galvanizing. Our engineers have worked in starting up green-field and modernizing brown-field sites.

We believe that excellence can only be achieved through continuous improvements and realized through structured processes.

Reduce Energy Consumption
Nominal fuel and electricity savings 15% to 25%

Improve Product Heating Quality
Reduced temperature gradients top to bottom and lead to lag end; and consistent target discharge temperatures

Increase Capacity
Nominal 10% to 35% increase realized in quality heated product

Lower Emissions
Nominal 10% to 30% realized reductions in NOx, CO2, CO

Increase Profitability
Reduced maintenance cost; optimized use of utilities (contact water, non-contact water, compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon; improved efficiencies, etc...)

Increase Yield
Reduce oxidation and decarb rates; lower metallurgical defects, downgrades, under-fill and over-fill; and heightened API and ASTM compliance

Optimize Process Performance
Consistent processing temperatures; managed delay handing; proven supervisory control; system calibrations and tuning

Improve Safety
Ensure tight NFPA safety compliance; develop required SOP's and furnace start-up, shut-down and system handling practices; provide both formal classroom and field training

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