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ArcelorMittal - Weirton

Supplied ArcelorMittal with necessary combustion and engineering services designed to cost-effectively optimize the performance of the No. 2 and No. 3 Continuous Tin Plate Annealing Furnace Lines. Field engineering services to include all radiant tube recuperative natural gas fired burners. Respective heating zones operate on a suction system, constant suction, high/low gas and automatic temperature control; and soaking zones employing a tempered flame modulating control. These furnaces have 208 and 288 burners respectively. In addition, ALFA provided "Leak Check Testing" of all radiant tubes.

Further, ALFA was awarded a purchase order to optimize the performance of the eleven- (11) Four-Stack High Bay Batch Annealing Furnaces. The engineering study involved annealing practices, combustion and control. Performance optimization services resulted in 32% fuel savings, improved utilization of bases and reduced ramp heating cycle rates of 5 to 6 hours (achieved faster time to temperature cycles).

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