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Gerdau Ameristeel - Midlothian

ALFA developed a multi-dimensional interactive large section mill finite element near net shape caster interactive mold model. The proprietary platform encompassed operator interface screens, operator input / output (manual and automatic) screens and included multiple depth levels (both on wide and narrow faces inclusive). The model was based on resident in-house knowledge coupled with extensive on-site real-time data acquisitions (using embedded thermocouples in live casting activities). All heat transfer coefficients, thermal conductivities and thermal material interface properties were verified based upon real-world values. Pertinent variables included - cross sectional dimensions (section, mold size, thickness), plating material (chrome or nickel), casting speed, metal temperature, wide and narrow face mold cooling water temperatures, respective cooling water velocities, oscillation rates, variables on meniscus level, metallurgy and mold face shaving depths. Purpose of the dedicated study and model development was to increase mold life (campaign) and optimize quality of cast near net shape beam products.

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