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Horsehead Corporation
Retained by Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC to work on a confidential specific issuance case and matter for Horsehead Corporation. ALFA provided independent professional expert witnessing and consulting services in an OSHRC Docket Case. It collaborated with select legal entities, US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, NFPA regulations and multiple engineering and consulting companies. ALFA partnered with Horsehead Core Team Management to provide the necessary expertise and engineering know-how to develop and apply the most practical, maintainable, safe and cost-effective solutions necessary to optimize safe operations. ALFA used both physical heat transfer and computational fluid dynamic modeling tools to develop corrective ventilation strategies for improving the entire refinery complex environments (five levels of refining equipment and continual processing); engineered and critically located monitoring and control equipment; re-engineered and applied safe combustion system designs; helped to write new safe standard operating practices; reviewed and validated light-up, shut-down and emergency procedures; and applied all engineering and knowledge gained to existing refinery distillation columns, liquation and recycling pots.

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