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Republic Engineered Products - Lorain, Ohio

Supplied combustion engineering services for the 9/10" bar mill walking beam reheat furnace. ALFA analyzed the existing furnace combustion and control systems to determine the quantity of (lack of) available combustion air for achieving respective zonal thermal inputs. In high demand product schedules the furnace was limiting the throughput of the mill. Heating zones were not reaching nor maintaining necessary temperatures. ALFA supplied all technical services and equipment to analyze the combustion system and determined solutions for improving heating capacities. Further, it developed new recommended heating procedures, quantified and qualified areas of excessive pressure drop and cooperatively worked with operators to optimize acceptable furnace performance. ALFA performed real-time recuperator efficiency checks; located bad recuperator tube bundles; analyzed furnace waste gases; improved both furnace and as a result product temperature gradients (lead to lag end and top to bottom); lowered excess air volumes from both a volumetric and cold air infiltration means - Team efforts yielded higher acceptable sustained mill capacities and heating quality.

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