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SES, Steel Equipment Specialists

ALFA provided SES with advanced engineering and analytical services that included physical multi-dimensional finite element heat transfer and computational fluid dynamic modeling necessary to design a new pipe mill cooling bed for Vallourec Star, Muskogee, Oklahoma. This work involved sizing, engineering, design and location of all building exhaust fans and inlet louvers; determination of amounts and locations for any additional forced air cooling necessary to ensure all pipe reached 200F or less at bed discharge. Analysis was diverse and performed on multiple parameters:

Pipe Diameters 4.5" to 17" OD
Pipe Charge Temperatures 875F to 1175F
Pipe Wall 0.29" to 1.25"
Pitch (on bed loading) Varied and Optimized
Chemistries Confidential
Grades L-80, P110, Q125, N80, L80
Cycle Times Confidential
Ambient Temperatures Winter to summer changes
Wind Velocities Changes (studied seasonal variances historical)
Wind Direction Changes (studied seasonal variances historical)
Ancillary Boundaries Surrounding buildings, interferences, roadways

ALFA applied heat transfer analysis that included radiation (pipe to pipe, pipe to environment, shape factors); natural convection (rotation of pipe, pipe spacing), forced convection (angular effects, penetration, velocity, variances) and conduction losses.

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