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Timken Steel Company
A multi-phase project that involves partnering with the Timken Product and Process Advancement Teams to supply analytical, diagnostic, modeling, combustion, and technical consulting services necessary to engineer cost-effective solutions to optimize performance and achieve world class quality product at the Faircrest Steel Plant. The project encompasses various processes starting from either the new SMS High Pour Vertical Bloom Caster or existing bottom-pouring platforms; through to the soaking pit complex (both hot air and oxy-fuel fired furnaces); to either the new Mitsubishi 3,000 ton open-die forge press and or 46" Roughing Mill; through piece scarfing; concluding at the shear. The cumulative knowledge gained from these joint plant processing studies is to be used by ALFA in developing dedicated proprietary heat transfer and computational fluid dynamic models for Timken internal use when processing advanced new sound-centered engineered steel bar products.

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