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Vallourec Star, MPM Pipe Mill Facility, Youngstown, Ohio

ALFA was hired to provide a multi-phase plant-wide process and energy optimization assessment of the entire Youngstown, Ohio, MPM Pipe Mill Facility. The initial phase utilized sophisticated analytical and diagnostic testing necessary to identify, validate and quantify existing (status-quo) conditions. These studied parameters involved management and consumption of energy (both natural gas and electricity); management and usage of utilities (water, compressed air, instrument air, hydraulics, pneumatics, steam); and handling, purchasing, management and usage of industrial gases (oxygen and nitrogen). The corporate objective was to study, analyze, design and apply cost-effective technologies to reduce energy costs, lower operating costs, reduce waste, improve product quality, and improve safety. Our collective goal was to positively impact overall plant profitability.

Select Metrics:
  • Reduced blow-down on non-contact re-circulating water systems $19,000/yr
  • Plant-wide motor efficiency evaluation (10kw/hr/motor) realized savings of $137,000/yr
  • Review and study of argon usage - alternatives yielded savings of $120,000/yr
  • Increased and optimized use of oxygen in EAF by 150cf/ton saved $84,000/yr in carbon
  • Scrap preheating yields historical savings of 25kwh/ton, which translate to $385,000/yr
  • EAF Dust recycling contained potential savings of $300,000/yr
  • Calibration and tuning (semi-annual) reheat furnace, mandrel furnace, ladle preheaters, tundish preheaters, and ladle / tundish dry-out stations potential savings of $400,000/yr

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