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Vallourec Star, New 2013 FQM Pipe Mill Facility, Youngstown, Ohio

ALFA has been a technical furnace consultant for North Star Steel and now the Vallourec Group since 1996 and was the dedicated resident full-time engineering and technical furnace consultant from January 2009 to February 2013 on the new "Tomahawk Project".

ALFA was part of the original Core Team Members dedicated to the initial feasibility and engineering design efforts for the resultant new 7" Danieli Centro Tube FQM Seamless Pipe Mill and Tenova Finishing Heat Treat Austenitizing, Quench and Tempering Facilities commissioned in 2012 through 2013 at the new plant site in Youngstown, Ohio.

ALFA was responsible for all technical issues surrounding furnace design, sizing, engineering, refractory (material selection and construction), combustion, instrumentation, control, operations, applications, installation (over-sight), start-up and equipment acceptance testing of all furnaces and related ancillary support equipment. Further, it was technically responsible for oversight of utilities such as natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air, instrument air, water (contact and non-contact), main distribution line sizing, and regulation and control. This included the selection and lab testing of ultra low NOx burner technologies, emission control equipment (NOx, CO2, CO), operator training, standard operating practices and supervisory level controls.

The new FQM facility includes a 140mTPH 30 meter diameter rotary hearth furnace, a 140m TPH 11.5m x 31m walking beam pipe reheat furnace, a mandrel furnace, a 50m TPH 11m x 16m austenitizing walking beam furnace, a six- (6) module 3600 m3/hr quench & descaler, and a 50m TPH 17.8m x 16m tempering walking beam furnace.

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