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Furnace and Combustion Engineering; Design and construction; Furnace Calibration and Tuning; Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

ALFA provides combustion engineering services that are designed to optimize the performance of existing and new furnaces.  We supply the necessary expertise to ensure that your furnaces deliver optimum efficiency, maximum capacity, best heating quality, are safely managed and produce emissions that are both federal and state compliant.  We know furnaces and combustion systems, and how to control process heating.  ALFA is familiar with level 0 (transmitters, control valves, regulation, flow orifices, and safety systems), level I (temperature, metering of flow, ratio, and fluid and furnace pressure control loops) and Level II temperature supervisory control systems (delay management, tracking, multi-dimensional modeling, and control of environmental issues - NOx, SOx, CO and CO2).  We work on direct and in-direct (radiant tube) fired systems that include cold air, recuperative, regenerative, oxygen enrichment and oxy-fuel.  ALFA knows what your furnaces must achieve to yield properly heated product.

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