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Finite element analysis, mathematical heat transfer and computational fluid dynamic modeling, includes stress (hot and cold), vibration and emissions

ALFA offers advanced engineering services that incorporate finite element mathematical heat transfer and computational fluid dynamic modeling services. We have provided and solved many complex heating and industrial equipment problems through applying sophisticated modeling methods coupled with field testing.

Our computational resume include projects that involved entire furnaces (reheat, heat treat and continuous), segmental temperature zones, boilers, burners (both design and performance), fans, industrial plant building ventilation, cooling applications (cooling beds, caster molds, caster runnout tables), accident site and malfunctioning equipment reconstruction, mathematical simulations for technical support and defense in litigation cases.

ALFA has worked with applications that apply Ansys Fluent flow, turbulence and heat transfer modeling simulation; in-house proprietary heat transfer software, OpenFoam OpenSource C++ tools for numerical solvers; Pipenet Sunrise Systems for fluid flow analysis with transient or steady state and surge analysis (single phase flow software) and Sinda Fluint heat transfer and fluid flow design and analysis software (two phase flow).

Reference ALFA Resume of Clients for additional background under listings for:

  • Horsehead Corporation
  • SES, Steel Equipment Specialists
  • Litigation and Expert Witnessing
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