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Studies and Analysis - Engineering, Efficiency, Analytical and Process Optimization Studies; Emissions and control; Product Heating Quality Studies (scale, decarb, burnt steel, dimensional, grain, gauge, mechanical properties, scabs, overfill and underfill)

Studies and analysis are engineered to provide cost-effective solutions necessary to optimize the performance of existing and new equipment.  ALFA understands process, and knows what is necessary to deliver quality-heated product.  We provide diagnostic and in-depth analysis to ensure that our solutions will provide quantifiable and qualified return upon investment.  ALFA offers proven methods to optimize performance, reduce energy consumption, improve capacity, lower emissions, improve safety and reduce maintenance costs. We can lower most energy costs by 20% to 35%; while improving capacity and heating quality by 20% to 30%; and lowering yield loss and emissions by 20% to 30%. We know furnaces, processes, operations and what is necessary to produce quality product on our client' mills (API, ASM, ASTM and CIM & standards).

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