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Training – Simulation based process, operator, maintenance and equipment training (formal classroom and field)

ALFA uses proprietary mathematical modeling tools to develop graphical representations of actual processes (examples; reheating, casting liquid metal into and through water cooled molds, heat treating, galvanizing, rolling), which facilitates superior operator and maintenance training while being presented in a formal classroom environment. The attendees learn about heat transfer mechanisms through dynamic interactive visual representation.

To ensure complete effectiveness and learning ALFA (following formal classroom training) takes attendees into the plant for its hands-on training. Small dedicated groups walk the furnace and mill (with instructor) visualizing actual equipment, instrumentation, control and processing operations. This valuable learning experience always appears to be the most rewarding and beneficial. ALFA recommends a follow-up (one month) short refresher for optimum benefit.

  • Interactive Simulation-Based Training (IS-BT™)

  • Enhances process understanding and ensures optimum response

  • Develops knowledgeable and involved operators

  • Provides accountability with measurable results

  • Can be used to develop operator certifications testing

  • Can be used to develop standards operating practices

  • Can be used to introduce new processes and or new personnel to processes

  • Develops operator and management confidence - "That job is done right"

  • Accommodates different learning styles and speeds

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